Sunday, May 22, 2011

March 24th, 2011

The day after tomorrow.
It can be my final destination.
Am I going to Netherlands?
Am I still in Indonesia?

Lord, I put my trust in You.
I've released my whole dreams on Your feet.
Even I've just prepared all it well,
Even I've prepared all things so I can keep on fire at NL,
Even I've prepared all things in Indonesia,
Even I am very sure I'm ready enough to go to NL,

But, God,
You know better than I.
You know what happen tomorrow, and I don't.
I hope Your will be done, and not my will.

Keep me love You..


  1. keep moving forward :)

  2. jadi ingat lagu For You Know Better Than I

  3. jadinya gimana? masi di Indo aja kan? :P
    rugi loh, kalo kangen aq susah ketemunya #lemparrudal

  4. iyaaa setuju ma mega jadi inget lagu better than i..
    anyway bagus uy blognya :) desainnya keren..
    hobi poto2 ya? mauu donk diajarin hehe..


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